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HICSS 2022

Track Chair on Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences 2022

The 55th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences will take place January 4th - 7th, 2022 at the Hyatt Regency Maui, Hawaii.

Chair holder Prof. Dr. Boris Otto and chief engineer Frederik Möller, together with Peter Detzner and Sören Kerner (Fraunhofer IML), are responsible for the minitrack "Open Platform Ecosystems in Logistics: Business Models and Technologies" at the 55th International Conference on System Sciences 2022 (HICSS) Hawaii. The HICSS Minitracks actively advance research in systems science and offer a wide range of theoretical and applied disciplines related to information technologies and systems. A special focus of the track is the inclusion of the open source paradigm for the initialization of novel business models and applications in order to enable the development of common logistic ecosystems between different interest groups. The aim is to find out how the logistics sector can benefit from open source platform ecosystems and use the potential of the data generated. The challenges of an open ecosystem for logistic platforms include the harmonization of data, the exchange and analysis of data, the mediation of services between suppliers and customers, and the establishment of a functional governance structure. This minitrack looks for contributions and approaches to overcoming these challenges in the context of the platform economy. Desired subject areas for submissions:

  • Service-Systems and Platform-Concepts in Logistics
  • Open-source Business Models in Logistics
  • Open-source Applications in Logistics (Technological and Conceptual)
  • Classifications of Logistics Services and Business Models
  • AI-powered Services and Applications
  • AI-Based Transport Systems, Automation and Autonomization in (Intra-) Logistics
  • Robotics and Automation
  • Smart Data Models (harmonization of data for portability for different applications)
  • Integration of connecting secure data spaces using standardized infrastructure (e.g., IDSA or Gaia-X)
  • Implementation of open and federal digital infrastructures and platforms
  • Real-time networking of things as a technological basis for new services and process models in the context of logistic

Further information on the minitrack and how to submit papers can be found on the HICSS website within the main track Internet and the Digital Economy.