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Data infrastructure


In the digital age, data has become an important resource for economic success. That is why there is the CET data space: Here, companies provide real use cases and data which start-ups can develop pilot solutions from. The decentralized approach of Dataspaces provides the basis for the digital sovereignty of companies, since data can remain in the sphere of influence of the data owner until it is accessed.
In this sense, the CET-Dataspace acts as the framework for a proper data infrastructure and helps young companies in the Excellence Start-up Center NRW to maintain their data sovereignty and interoperability right from the start.
The chair for industrial information management takes on activities in the design and support of the newly emerging data spaces. We consider the scientific evaluation of the resulting data and the derivation of utilization potentials to be necessary. In addition, the development of “plug & play” solutions is to be promoted in order to improve the offers for entrepreneurial design of data-driven business models.

Data Space